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Are You a Candidate for

Surgery to Fix a Hernia?

The first step to finding out about surgery to fix your hernia is knowing whether or not it is an option

The Consequences of an Untreated Hernia

If hernias go untreated, they may lead to more pain, swelling, acid reflux, nausea, stomach or groin pain, and increased discomfort in your daily activities.

The Benefits of a Consultation With A Surgeon

Explore whether or not you have a hernia.

Figure out what type of hernia you are suffering from.

Find out if you qualify for surgery to repair your hernia and cure your symptoms.

Explore the potential of getting rid of the medications you use to treat your pain and symptoms. 

Learn ways to become a surgical candidate if you are not one now.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Eakin is the director of The Hernia Center of Utah. He completed a fellowship in laparoscopic and robotic surgery at The Ohio State University and he has focused his career on giving patients with hernias their lives back and getting them off of medications.

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What People Have Said About The Utah CMIBS

The staff was kind and attentive and helped with everything I needed.
Ashley Lundberg
I love the team at CMIBS. They are kind and caring.
Jeffrey Eakin
I enjoyed the compassion my bariatric surgeon had for my disease
Jessica Dun